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  • Evolution EL-S

    EL-S: high grip PRO upper rubber, elastic medium-hard sponge, extremely high speed and maximum spin. The EL-S combines the enormous spin values of the MX-S with a completely new rubber surface and the power of the MX-P. TIBHAR created a stand-alone rubber in the evolution series, with a medium-hard sponge and a specially tuned pimple geometry, setting new...

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  • Evolution FX-S

    Evolution FX-P from TIBHAR is the most flexible and soft version of the EVOLUTION rubber family. This rubber confers a lot of sensation and control in any playing situation. FX-P is a high-performing rubber proven by the enormous sound resulting from topspin strokes. The rubber surface is rich in spins and its soft sponge with high catapult effect gives...

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  • Genius

    Rich in spin for an offensive game.GENIUS is obviously focused on spin, since more spin signifies more speed. More spin also means that the angle of the ball rebound is more upright conferring a bow-formed ball curve, giving more precision to your strokes and therefore putting your adversary under pressure.The new geometry of the inverted pimples enables...

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  • Aurus

    The rubber for the ambitioned player striving to play topspin strokes in any situation. The new technology combined with the ultra soft rubber surface provides an outstanding spin and a great playing sensation, allowing a secured and aggressive game. The integrated SPI (Speedglue-Effect-Inside) technology confers an extreme catapult reaction to the ball....

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  • Aurus Soft

    The softer version of Aurus offers a better control with a high ball rebounce. This energy-loaded rubber is ideal for spin-rich strokes and secured topspins, while enabling good control. Aurus Soft is very well adapted to each game level for an optimal performance.

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  • Aurus Sound

    The softest version of Aurus produces a great sound and pure playing pleasure. The balanced playing sensation of the soft sponge and the elastic rubber surface were adapted to players who do not want to give up energy-loaded strokes, although missing some training hours. The SPI technology combined with the soft sponge confers an extraordinary sound....

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  • Rapid

    The rubber sheet of the ball artist Vladimir Samsonov, who helped with his "golden hands" to develop this rubber which is perfectly suited for the aggressive game of the new generation. The soft sponge and extremely elastic rubber layer provides speed and spin and at the same time gives you a lot of feeling due to an optimum of ball control.

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  • Vari Spin

    The 'allround expert' among the Tibhar rubbers can easily be managed even in cases of reduced training and gives you unspoiled fun during your game. This lasting hit among the spin-control rubbers captivates by its firmly resilient rubber with the strong and lasting surface and guarantees excellent ball control. With thick sponge layer it is ideal for...

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  • Super Def. 40

    The soft version of SUPER DEFENSE 40 offers even better control with excellent potential for spin variations. It is capable of disturbing defensive play and very effective close to the table strategies. SUPER DEFENSE 40 offers the modern defensive player the possibility of not only putting his adversary under pressure technically but applying even more...

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  • Grass D.Tecs

    With the integrated D.TecS effect in Tibhar's classical long pimples rubber, the player will experience new variations to cut the ball and to counter his opponent's destabilising strokes. Thanks to the integrated tension in the pimples and the sponge, the pimples get softer, which enables the player to cut the ball in a sensational way. However, because...

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  • Sinus

    TIBHAR SINUS was developed especially for high-performance sport. Because high-performance players always favoured harder sponges for powerful play, TIBHAR SINUS was purposely fitted with a relative hard sponge in response. It is almost impossible to surpass this rubber. During stroke execution players feel that they can transmit tremendous speed to the...

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  • Sinus Alpha

    SINUS ALPHA possesses a softer sponge and develops especially during a passive game its strengths, because it provides even better control. It is not as fast as its harder twin, however it transmits during fast topspins and blocking balls unequalled precision. Balls played with this rubber have a longer and evenly curved trajectory, putting even more...

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  • Sinus Sound

    The "loud" variety of the SINUS series is thanks to its pronounced ball curve making it the ideal partner to forgive almost all mistakes. SINUS SOUND is softer than SINUS or SINUS ALPHA thanks to its integrated speed-glue-effect sponge. It guarantees a great game sensation and optimal ball contact. Even during slow topspin exchanges SINUS SOUND permits...

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  • Super Def. 40 Soft

    The soft version of SUPER DEFENSE 40 offers even better control with excellent potential for spin variations. It is capable of disturbing defensive play and very effective close to the table strategies. SUPER DEFENSE 40 offers the modern defensive player the possibility of not only putting his adversary under pressure technically but applying even more...

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  • Speedy Soft D.tecs

    The D.TecS technology (Dynamic Technology with Samsonov) has been well tried and tested and has resulted in being a great success. So Tibhar decided to incorporate it into the famous Speedy Soft short pimple rubber and obtained surprising results: short pimples are not only faster during the game, the D.TecS technology makes them even more dangerous and...

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  • Aurus Select

    The innovative SSP technology (a thinner and smooth rubber surface combined with a thicker sponge) is a real positive for speed but also provides optimized spin ratings and fantastic sensation. Aurus Select is an allrounder and constitutes the perfect weapon for the experienced player seeking consistent performance. The Select version of Aurus comes with...

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  • Tibhar Ball *** 40+ SYNTT NG pack of 72

    Premium *** competition table tennis ballBest price-performance ratio

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  • Tibhar Ball *** 40+ SYNTT NG pack of 3

    Premium *** competition table tennis ballBest price-performance ratio

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  • Kit 5 Surrounds Tibhar

    Rods made of steel tubing, PVC cloth. Available in green or blue, with TIBHAR imprint or without imprint. Rods and cloth can be bought separately. 2,33 m. This article cannot be discounted."

    364,90 €
  • Aurus Prime

    An ideal choice for the offensive technical player who plays an attacking  all action game and requires perfect ball placement even when his opponent plays passive strokes. The smooth and spin oriented rubber surface combined with a middle hard, catapult loaded sponge will enable the user, in almost any playing situation, to put the sufficient amount of...

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  • Tibhar Defence Plus

    The TIBHAR specialists for defensive play have developed a blade which makes life easier. This blade remains light although it features a bigger racket shape. A special combination of the plywood layers with two layers of balsa and the oversize blade deliver sufficient braking effects when playing defensive spin. Consequently a dream-like ball feeling is...

    39,00 €
  • Evolution MX-S

    his spin-oriented dynamic version possesses a much longer bat/ball contact time thanks to the especially developed pimple geometry of the rubber surface. For each player who thanks to a more physical action (acceleration arm/wrist) can activate the enormous potential of the MX-S; at the table or at half distance, this rubber will realize an even...

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  • IV-L Balsa

    TIBHAR has made a superior allround blade of the newest generation. This blade has principally been designed for players who are looking for good ball contact and plenty of control. The outer layers are made from the famously tried and tested Ayous wood, which is both soft and fast and enables a large variety of active and passive strokes. The essential...

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  • Tibhar Scorer SMASH

    Very stable point counter for continuous use in clubs, with numbers from 0 - 20 and 0 - 5 (sets). Foldable, easy to store

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