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  • TTPRO Braveheart

    Off+ blade for offensive strokes and people who likes to attack and finish the ball with their own offensive strokes. POWER WITHOUT COMPROMISE Composition:Fineline/Limba/Fibreglass/Abachi/Fibreglass/Limba/Fineline

    32,70 €
  • TTPRO Allround Star

    Classical Allround blade with good feeling and control for blocking and counter and to play safe and spinny topspin balls. A complete and quality blade perfect for enter in the world of tabletennis. QUALITY , FEELING AND COMPETITIVE PRICE. Composition: Fineline/Abachi/Abachi/Abachi/Fineline

    13,97 € 26,97 €
  • Spinny Classic Carbon

    It is an OFF- Carbon blade with exceptional good feeling in the passive strokes and very good acceleration when you want to play topspin balls. Remember the feeling of old blades. CLASS, FEELING AND PRECISION Composition: Limba, blue died Abachi, Carbon, Kiri, Carbon, Abachi, limba.

    49,10 €
  • TTPRO Offensive Star

    Off- blade with good control but also made for both wing attackers, it is somehow a soft but fast blade.  SPEED , CONTROL AND COMPETITIVE PRICE Composition: Fineline/Abachi/Abachi/Abachi/Fineline

    26,97 €