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  • Evolution MX-P HARD 50°

    Very grippy PRO rubber surface, hard power sponge - maximum speed and extraordinary high spin generation. The rubber surface of the MX-P50 HARD version is identical to the rubber surface of the already familiar MX-P (47.5). Our professional players have already had this high-performance harder sponge available to them and due to the new generation of...

    40,98 €
  • Hybrid K1 European Version

    Hybrid K1, as its name implies, is a hybrid rubber that combines a more tacky, Chinese style topsheet with a powerful European, tensioned sponge. This rubber requires its wielder to be skilled as it has been designed for advance level players and up. The somewhat tacky topsheet is still very elastic, much more so than most Chinese topsheets. This allows...

    27,05 €

    The VS unlimited wood supports the player due to the large sweet spot and the higher control associated with the offensive game. The combination of the high-tech synthetic fibers, low vibration, carbon fiber and its optimal transfer of energy, is perfect for a variable spin attack and topspin game from half distance. What stands out is clearly the optimal...

    155,66 €
  • BagPack Shanghai

    - Multifunctional backpack featuring several inside pockets - Lockable notebook compartment - Padded back - USB connection for powerbank charging material: 100% polyester

    40,98 €
  • Samsonov START Blade

    Racchetta economica da principianti, ideale per societa' che devono far giocare tante personesenza spendere troppo.

    8,19 €
  • Tibhar Ronin CB

    Ronin CB is not very fast offensive blade, The 3+2 carbon fibres construction guarantees the necessary stability and increases the sweet spot. Tibhar has integrated a new technology into the handle. S.AM - sensory amplifier - the player’s answer to his opponent’s shots. The intensity of feeling from this innovative design allows the player to respond...

    34,75 € 64,75 €
  • Robot Pro Master

    RoboPro Master results from the further development of the robot RoboPro Genius, it is as robust and features the same ball-capturing net as its "small brother". The robot features two heads and can expulse 2 balls at a time giving you the possibility to do topspin and undercut balls in intervals, creating a realistic playing atmosphere. The programme...

    1 188,52 €
  • Robot Pro Genius

    High-quality, robust table tennis robot. The assembly and utilisation of this robot are very simple. The foldable net is inserted into the robot, while the robot is placed in the adequate position behind the table thanks to its wheels. With the remote control box the player can easily programme a large variety of different functions. Robo Pro Genius...

    900,82 €
  • Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition

    The new blade of the multiple European Champion and World Cup winner impresses by its varied speed reserves. The Limba outer layers confer its perceptible power. The midst and central layers permit an excellent ball control to put your adversary under pressure.

    39,26 €
  • Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition

    The small brother of the Samsonov Force Pro blade; Vladi Samsonov, our multiple European and World Cup champion personally tested the prototype and said: "you can really feel each ball on the blade, no matter if you hit it hard or slow". It features excellent speed and is supported with good acceleration. Perfect for players who prefer sensation, speed...

    39,26 €
  • Samsonov Premium Contact

    Junior version for PREMIUM CONTACT

    20,50 €
  • Samsonov Premium Contact

    Vladimir Samsonov did a lot of testing when he put together this plywood layer combination with a newly designed blade shape and the new 'contact grip system' to produce a perfectly balanced, slightly swinging attacking blade. This blade gives the feeling of absolute control and speed needed for the succesful attacking game.

    22,13 €
  • Sigma Sensitec

    The SIGMA blade is fast due to its especially glued plies but remains under good control thanks to the Sensitec system. Very precise and powerful strokes will be realisable thanks to the integrated SENSITEC-Feeling and the resulting catapult effect of the ball.

    40,16 €
  • Stratus Carbon

    TIBHAR selected high-quality wood types and combined them with a new generation of Kevlar carbon: the ideal prerequisite for an offensive but still controllable game. The carbon permits the needed hardness and stability in your strokes. Great playing sensation!

    73,69 €
  • Stratus PowerDefence

    This relatively hard defence blade was built for a modern defensive game. The blade head is a little bit bigger than the norm. This light-weight wood will enable the player to react fast to almost his entire adversary's strokes, putting him under pressure, no matter where the player is situated at the table.

    32,71 €
  • Tibhar Scorer SMASH

    Very stable point counter for continuous use in clubs, with numbers from 0 - 20 and 0 - 5 (sets). Foldable, easy to store

    24,51 €
  • IV-L Balsa

    TIBHAR has made a superior allround blade of the newest generation. This blade has principally been designed for players who are looking for good ball contact and plenty of control. The outer layers are made from the famously tried and tested Ayous wood, which is both soft and fast and enables a large variety of active and passive strokes. The essential...

    22,95 €
  • Tibhar Nimbus ALL

    This blade was especially created for the spin dynamic ALL/OFF game and distinguishes itself thanks to its balanced ratio of speed versus control. With this light-weight blade, the player will feel comfortable in any situation. It is ideally combinable with the softer rubbers of the NIMBUS family: NIMBUS SOFT and NIMBUS SOUND. Special surface varnish for...

    22,95 €
  • Tibhar Nimbus OFF

    This 6 layered- offensive blade has a soft ,even and high speed feeling controlled.It is very well suited for the modern attacking game with all possible spin variations, but also hard, straight block balls. It blends very well with the soft to medium hard-Nimbus coverings.The special coating protects the outer plies wood, removing the plaque and thereby...

    22,95 €
  • Tibhar Bag Crown small

    Modern sports bag featuring a big main compartment and many outer pockets for the small gear.Composition: 100% polyesterDimensions: 48 x 30 x 26 cm

    32,70 €
  • Tibhar Bag Crown big

    Modern sports bag featuring a big main compartment and many outer pockets for the small gear.Composition: 100% polyesterDimensions: 68 x 33 x 32 cm

    40,98 €