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    After the Hellfire is one of the worlds leading long pimples rubbers, the Hellfire X is about to enter a new, space-filling dimension. The test phase with a total duration of more than 3 years has been incredibly long and intensive. However, from the very beginning there was only one goal for us: The best long pimple in the near future. The Hellfire X...

    28,69 €
  • Blitz Schlag

    Brand new long pimple rubber right up to the limits of ITTF Regulation. Long Pimple with a smooth surface. very soft and flexible for maximum control, good effect for close to the table block. Slow long pimpled rubber also good for middle distance and away from the table defence, great new rubber from Spinlord with maximum effect. Softer more flexible...

    18,85 €
  • Easy-P

    After we have successfully introduced our special rubbers for pimple players, we are proud to present another long pimple rubber - called Easy P, the "easy to play pimples". The Easy P will set new standards in the long pimple strategy for every player that likes to play close to the table. During the development process we put the focus on...

    29,51 €
  • Hellfire

    Since imposing the ban of using the frictionless long pimples, the effect of slow pimples has been negated. HELLFIRE - produced by long pimple experts Sauer&Tröger, is slow, dangerous and it makes game a living HELL for your opponent.Characteristics: The low speed means that heavy topspins can be returned with ease but what's more important with real...

    27,05 €