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  • Boost TP

    Boost TP-rubber is for the leading playerswho demand ultimate spin and speed combined with a sensitive touch.

    27,05 €
  • Boost TS

    "Boost TS is the outstanding choice for offensive players of almost all playing levels who like soft sponge. Boost TS has soft sponge that gives a crisp clear sound when striking the ball. Even though the sponge is soft the rubber generates very good speed. The sponge on Boost TS rubber is softer than the sponge of Boost TC. The sound and feeling of Boost...

    27,05 €
  • Clippa

    Clippa is an offensive world class pips out rubber. Clippa's pips-out surface rubber is combined with a hard sponge. Ideal for fast, attacking play near to the table.

    20,49 €
  • Neos Tacky

    Stiga breaks the top rubber sheet barrier with new Mega Tension technology. Now Stiga´s R&D department has been able to apply the Air-Capsule System to the top sheet. This new cutting edge rubber technology further increases the advantages of the Air-Capsule System, creating an even more responsive rubber sheet with more tension. The results of this...

    20,49 €
  • Royal

    Puntinata corta con effetto colla fresca incorporato grazie all’ utilizzo della nanotecnologia. Gomma veloce per i giocatori che vogliono prendere l’ iniziativa con attacchi veloci di rovescio. Buono anche il grip , nello scambio e nel blocco da’ un notevole disturbo al giocatore avversario.Velocita’ 9,5 Controllo : 7+ Effetto: 8+ Gommapiuma: medium

    26,23 €
  • Nostalgic VII

    The Nostalgic VII is a 7-ply blade build with the same hand selected middle and second layer veneers used in the Clipper Wood, however for the outer veneer we use a hard yet elastic natural wood called "Wenge".

    77,79 €
  • Symmetry

    The STIGA Symmetry is a short nub covering made in Japan, which was developed and adapted for the ABS ball. The elastic sponge and the built-in fresh adhesion effect give this pad a high speed and even spin invariations despite classic attack pimple alignment. Its new pimple design creates both topspin and effective blocks and counterattacks.

    31,97 €