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  • Clippa

    Clippa is an offensive world class pips out rubber. Clippa's pips-out surface rubber is combined with a hard sponge. Ideal for fast, attacking play near to the table.

    20,49 €
  • Nostalgic VII

    The Nostalgic VII is a 7-ply blade build with the same hand selected middle and second layer veneers used in the Clipper Wood, however for the outer veneer we use a hard yet elastic natural wood called "Wenge".

    77,79 €
  • Symmetry

    The STIGA Symmetry is a short nub covering made in Japan, which was developed and adapted for the ABS ball. The elastic sponge and the built-in fresh adhesion effect give this pad a high speed and even spin invariations despite classic attack pimple alignment. Its new pimple design creates both topspin and effective blocks and counterattacks.

    31,97 €