Omega 4 Euro

OMEGA IV is the perfection of OMEGA for top professionals. The ideal performance level which OMEGA has continuously pursued so far is at last achieved by the introduction of super technologies - "Hyper Elasto" and "Carbo Sponge." Both of them are based on advanced TENSOR BIOS technology. "Hyper Elasto" top layer which is made of natural rubber has ideal pimple structure for maximum spin capability. "Carbo Sponge" of innovative energy efficiency gives additional speed. Very high level of integrated speed glue effect is applied permanently inside both of the top layer and the sponge. As a result, OMEGA IV is very fast and powerful, but it is also unbelievably controllable due to its extreme spin. It will remind top players of the times before speed glue ban. Two versions are available. OMEGA IV ASIA is hard sponge version for maximum performance, and OMEGA IV EUROPE is soft sponge version for more versatility.


45,00 €


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SurfaceSpin Elastic
Rubber TypeInverted