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Always there for you:Your own personal training partner. Performance enhanced and now even more versatile.Robo-Pong goes digitalDONIC highly recommends its clever Digital Table Tennis Trainer Robo-Pong 2050 for your every requirement. Digital control provides exact control over speed, delivery and precise placement. The Robo-Pong 2050 in normal mode offers simple manual control over all functions such as speed, spin, placement and delivery between strokes. During training it is possible to access and store 64 exercises and practise like a professional while hooked up to your Windwos PC. The cell-phone-like menu system is extremely easy to operate and is available in 6 languages. The perfect partner for all skill levels.The top player can practice his foot work, increase his stamina and improve his timing and strokes for more speed and placement. The up and coming player will be able to fine-tune all the important strokes. Footwork and stamina will quickly improve. The beginner and hobby player can learn ball control, coordination and most principal shots. By setting up your own training programme you can enjoy the 64 drill variations available from this amazing table tennis opponent.Digital Control Box:64 chosen exercises which can be programmed for every playing standard (described in the handbook). You may choose ball speed, interval and placement. Windows Computer suitable for your own set exercises. Set-up and instruction handbook.The Robot Head:Can deliver up to 170 balls per minute with a maximum speed of 120 km/h. It can be programmed for topspin, counter hitting, side and backspin. Precise ball placement is achieved with 21 oscillating positions and 30 different speeds.Ball Collection:The surrounding net is simply and quickly assembled and taken down.It collects the balls and guides them back to the robot, enabling training to be continued.-all replacement parts obtainable in the Service Centre-light weight (approx. 8 Kg)-it requires only a few minutes to assemble and dismantle.