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  • Fodero Doppio Metro

    Pratico ed elegante fodero per due racchette.

    9,84 €
  • Blufire M2

    The blue miracle DONIC's new Bluefire is a completely new rubber development offering top speed. A new high-tech generation of rubbers in the proven Formula FD3-technology has been developed as a result of the perfect combination of the large pored blue sponge with an extremely spinny top surface rubber. The top rubber with its small, long pimpled-in...

    24,70 € 37,70 €
  • Nastrino Stiga Nero da 12 mm x 5 m

    Nastrino per il bordo della racchetta lungo 5 metri e spesso 12 millimetri, colore nero.

    3,20 €
  • Evolution EL-S

    EL-S: high grip PRO upper rubber, elastic medium-hard sponge, extremely high speed and maximum spin. The EL-S combines the enormous spin values of the MX-S with a completely new rubber surface and the power of the MX-P. TIBHAR created a stand-alone rubber in the evolution series, with a medium-hard sponge and a specially tuned pimple geometry, setting new...

    37,70 €
  • 729 EL SuperSoft

    Using its sticky topsheet and soft reactor sponge, this rubber creates a lively bounce that once only existed in European and Japanese brands. A very light rubber that is excellent at creating spin, this is a great allround choice.

    8,93 €
  • Nastrino Tibhar nero-rosso 5m x 9 mm

    Nastrino per il bordo della racchetta lungo 5 metri e spesso 9 millimetri, colore nero-rosso.

    3,20 €
  • Tibhar Ball *** 40+ SYNTT NG pack of 3

    Premium *** competition table tennis ballBest price-performance ratio

    3,20 €
  • Nastrino Stiga Nero Da 9 mm x 5 m

    Nastrino per il bordo della racchetta lungo 5 metri e spesso 9 millimetri, colore nero.

    3,20 €
  • Baracuda

    The rubber with vicious spin.The new FORMULA DONIC BARACUDA rubber with inbuilt speed glue effect produces fantastic spin. With DONIC BARACUDA the ball leaves the blade in a conspicuously higher arc, giving considerably more spin. The increased rotation of the ball stabilises the flight and increases speed. The results are convincing after a few hours of...

    23,77 €
  • Evolution FX-S

    Evolution FX-P from TIBHAR is the most flexible and soft version of the EVOLUTION rubber family. This rubber confers a lot of sensation and control in any playing situation. FX-P is a high-performing rubber proven by the enormous sound resulting from topspin strokes. The rubber surface is rich in spins and its soft sponge with high catapult effect gives...

    37,70 €
  • Bluestorm Z1

    A comprehensively thinner top surface rubber, subjected to high tension, allows space for a thicker sponge - generating extra power and speed.The DONIC Bluestorm Series offers noticeably greater acceleration whilst retaining its outstanding spin and speed characteristics, making the latest trend.The thinnest sponge is 1.9 mm, middle sponge thickness is...

    40,16 €
  • Joola Ball Flash 40+ *** 72er

    Für höchste Ansprüche wurde der neue JOOLA Plastikball "Flash 40 " konzipiert. Der JOOLA Flash 40 wird aus einem Teil und somit ohne Naht gefertigt. Der Ball ist deshalb gleichmäßig rund und besticht durch seine Langlebigkeit. Der JOOLA Flash ist der offizielle Wettkampfball des Hessischen Tischtennis-Verband und des TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau sowie vieler...

    3,20 €
  • Waldner Senso Carbon

    E' il telaio più utizzato in Italia sia da grandi campioni sia a più basso livello. Si tratta di un'evoluzione del classico telaio allround svedese con l'aggiunta di 2 strati di carbonio. Ha una rigidità media, buona velocità ed un fantastico controllo. Manico con tecnologia Senso.

    36,89 €
  • Evolution MX-P HARD 50°

    Very grippy PRO rubber surface, hard power sponge - maximum speed and extraordinary high spin generation. The rubber surface of the MX-P50 HARD version is identical to the rubber surface of the already familiar MX-P (47.5). Our professional players have already had this high-performance harder sponge available to them and due to the new generation of...

    40,98 €
  • Omega 4 Elite

    Balanced towards full "speed-glue" feel. New top sheet matched with upgraded soft Carbo Sponge offers amazing spin performance and extra-ordinary feel properties. Feel at the ball contact fully assimilate the soft-but-solid clicking sensation generated by speed glues. OMEGA IV ELITE also makes a bigger window over the net with high spinning trajectory....

    24,59 €
  • Acuda Blue P2

    - New pimple geometry- Excellent ball return- Medium soft, all-round attacking version, the gold standard version of an all-round rubberFor offensive and power all-round playersA pleasure to play with, a rubber to be at ease with.- The latest in sponge technology. This blue sponge with medium sized pores is softer than previous sponges, despite having a...

    27,87 €
  • Vega Pro

    La Xiom Vega è da considerarsi come una gomma rivoluzionaria. Massimo spin legato a grande velocità in combianzione con durata raddoppiata della gomma rispetto alle gomme ad effetto colla fresca incorporata prodotte fino ad adesso. Gommapiuma di colore nero con granuli di carbonio per la massima reattività e sensibilità. Maggiore arco delle traiettorie...

    22,95 €

    FIRM AND SOLID GRIP ON PLASTIC BALL IMPROVED SPIN DYNAMICS WITH PLASTIC BALL ELASTO FUTURA generation with CYCLOID made a significant progress on technical platform. DYNAMIC FRICTION has evolved to synchronize better with CARBO SPONGE and to give extremely powerful advantage for offensive play. New spin ratio per distance created the new equilibrium of...

    31,14 €
  • Acuda S3

    "The ideal rubber for attacking players who previously used soft rubbers with speed glue. ACUDA S2 is a fast rubber with a medium soft large pored sponge. This produces fast speeds and has a uniquely loud sound. ACUDA S2 is well suited both for close to the table and away from the table game. It will give an advantage in topspin/topspin duels. This rubber...

    34,43 €
  • Vega Japan

    Technology drives the new world of table tennis. Internal Mechanic Boost of Hyper Elasto IMB generation opens the new opportunity for VEGA users. Tuned to make more spin energy easier, VEGA JAPAN makes the power-charged spin and allows the flexible control. Service return and topspin attacks are far more accurate and consistent to gives real-life...

    24,59 €
  • Coppa X3 Silver

    This rubber evokes memories from speed glue times! COPPA X3 mega-loud sound and easily controlled speed will provide great pleasure. This rubber offers perfect control and is suitable for an active topspin game from all positions. DONIC Coppa X3 is very easy to play with. Allround players will also find an improvement in their game. Sponge hardness: soft...

    33,61 €
  • Colla Stiga Attack Power Glue 100ml

    Colla da 100 ml con una densità piu cremosa rispetto alle classiche colle e che tende a creare un film uniforme

    13,12 €
  • Colla Tibhar VS Top Glue

    Colla da 80ml, ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo e pratico packaging.

    10,57 €